Private NYC Trip

 Customized New York Educational Field Trip:

For visitors and students

This service is offered to all students and foreign visitors who desires to experience art, architecture, museums, city hotspots, gallery, and school tours. It will inspire all people, especially those who are unsure of their educational and career direction.


 Step 1. Find Individual’s interest, need, and goal for extra-curriculum activities

• Learn all basics of American culture, history, art, humanity, society, etc.
• Focus on Personal Mentorship & development

 Step 2. Full Managing System

Schedule and Time management
• Professional guide and academic instructor assisting all field trips

 Step 3. 1:1 Customized Program

Strong, Customized educational trips with Finest Quality Faculty Team
• Learning concepts and materials in various views
• Supplementary classes, seminars, lectures related to the field trips
• Interactive working and discussion to expand the thoughts and broaden the view
• Both academic and creative methods of writing a response paper to fulfill the experience & knowledge
• Presentation and critique for sharing opinions and training academic and professional lanugage/attitude

 Step 4. Extra-Curriculum Activities

Trips for extra-curricular activities that develops individual’s professional hobby
• Additional 1:1 treatment to enhance the result and effect of the field trips

 Step 5. Professional Management & Supervision & Student & Teacher Evaluation

For every field trip, the management team collects all the feedback from students and teachers
• Professional research and analysis customizes the topic, theme, and activities of the field trips.
Modification & Development of Program
• Based on Students’ Growth & Feedback, management creates next innovative and efficient trips and courses.

 Sample Schedule for NY Educational Field Trip

  1. Informative lecture prior to the trip
  2. Customized Field trip destination
  3. Interactive Activities
  4. Games (e.g. mapquest)
  5. Question & Answer
  6. Discussion based on theme topic
  7. Creative activities (e.g. Drawing)
  8. Guide by professional instructors
  9. Trip Summary
  10. Response paper
  11. Further development
  12. Feedback