School Survival

For I-20, ESL is required with this course.

 School Survival


School Survival Program : 12 weeks/60 session program

  • School Survival + Practical English + Critical Reading/Writing/Listening/Speaking + Field Trip

This course is highly recommended for students who are preparing to attending a college in U.S. Along with ESL course, through out 12-weeks, students will be trained to build a strong relationship with classmates, advisors, professors, alumni, school offices, and career center. Also admission tips and helps along the application/common application process and the course registration will be offered.


12 Week Course

The theme  of this 12-week course suggests that the main focus of the week is on writing a statement of purpose. However, because each student has different strengths and weaknesses, the needs of the students will determine whether primary focus of the course will be on written communication or on verbal communication.  Therefore, suggested sentences were methodically chosen because they could be useful either in writing the Statement of Purpose or while being interviewed.


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