Business English and Training


Do you learn Business English?
비즈니스 영어/ ビジネス英語/商业英语

Our Business English & Interview program focuses on learning essential key aspects of Business. 

This course stresses the essential principles, functions, and aspects relevant to business such as management & leadership, self assessment skills to understand your interest and aptitude to work in business field.

You will be prepared to work in business fields by learning specific requirements and tips from Business English.

Business English focuses mainly on:

  • Important Business Words & Phrases
    중요한 비즈니스 단어 및 구문 ,  重要なビジネス単語&フレーズ ,  重要的商用词汇语片与
    Understanding the right key words and phrases can help you becoming more professional.  Through this program, you can develop the skills other than knowledge you learn from textbooks.
  • Business Interview Preparation: Accounting, Sales, Human resources, Marketing, Finance, Management, IT & more
    비즈니스 인터뷰 준비 ,  あらゆる分野のビジネス機能 & インタビューの ,  準備企业的面试准备
    Business Interview is an opportunity to experience the actual interview process.  In addition to understanding business words & phrases, you will be participating in an interview to prepare you for the actual one in the future.
  • Business Skills: Analyzing, Public Speaking, Planning Meetings & more
    비즈니스에 필요한 기술, ビジネススキル,商业技能:分析,公开演讲,会议规划,等等
    Are you afraid of speaking in public? The only way to over the fear is by practicing.  You will learn to speak in public, prepare specific meetings,  analyze data  & etc


 Why MACS Business Training?

기업 교육/ ビジネストレーニング/企业培训
One of MACS’ best programs

Sophisticated & Complex training system
Pronunciation & Accent Correction
Acting based Curriculum and Script
Demo-interview with professionals

Customized Presentation + Interview Training System

Speech, Presentation, Interview Training

Pronunciation & Accent Correction

Interactive Acting based Curriculum for Attitude Improvement

Demo-interviews & Feedback & Mentoring

Real informative interviews with companies in nyc


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