General Questions:

Who are MACS Students?
Local and international students, art professionals, and whoever wants to improve English, art, art language, and portfolio production attend to MACS. Those who seek internship training, college/art college admission process, and building job portfolio are also welcome. 

Why students choose MACS?
MACS offers unique and strong language and art programs customized for each students with highly respectable and experienced professors. Through in-depth consultation, we can learn about the students character, interests, and most importantly their needs and requirements with a personalized road map and MACS programs for individuals to achieve their academic and career goals. Learn more about consultation at our Free consultation page.

How much is tuition fee?
Tuition fee may vary from student to student. Through individual consultation, MACS evaluation, and level examination, customized programs will be designed based on student’s level, availability, and budget. .

How are the faculties?
Students will be instructed by professional and experienced instructors & graduates from Ivy leagues. The instructors are experienced, and passionate about education and students.

About MACS Programs

What is the primary language used during the class?
The primary language is English. However, all the staffs are diversified and most of them are bilingual. We offer consultants based on your first language.

How long is class?
Most classes are 3 hours or less. The special courses and 1:1 programs will be about 2 hours; however, because each students’ needs are different, some modification can be made based on individual’s needs.

Are there package programs such as English + Elective of Test Preparation?
Our programs are designated to be customized for students and based on your interests and time availability, you can take several classes in one program. The package program can be customized during the consultation and by the professional academic advisor. The students are eligible to do mix-match elective courses and attend as many elective courses as they wish. Through mix-matching elective courses, students extend their knowledge of their interests in learning and be entertained at the same time.

What is an Internship Service? How does it differ from your Internship Program in your education department?
While Internship Program refers to courses that can help students to excel for internship, such as building resume and preparing for job interview, Internship Service refers to providing internship services to students.

For those interested in applying for an internship, please email internship.macs@gmail.com with your name, resume & cover letter, and any related work.

About Services:

What exactly is 1:1 Consultation service?
MACS 1:1 Consultation is a private consultation available to every student. Consultation is done by a professional academic advisor. To find out more, please visit our consultation page.

How do I sign up for a private consultation?
You can email at ask@metartcenter.com or call the office at (917)400-3640 to set up an appointment.
For International students, we offer VISA assistant. Please email at one of following admins for specific questions:

Business Partnership with MACS?
For companies interested in becoming a business partner with MACS, please email at metartcenter@gmail.com or call our office at (917)400-3640

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