IVY PREP NY – Under 18 Programs

Features: MACSNY manages students individually. Each student has different potentials, abilities, and needs; therefore each student need individually customized programs and management in order to improve academic skills and enjoy his/her life of studying abroad.

  • Direct management from MACSNY office in NY
  • Safe and pleasant home-stay
  • Customized academic management with GPA, SSAT, SAT, TOEFL, etc.
  • Professional academic consultant
  • 24-hour livelihood management form guardian
  • Well-being and well-balanced diet designed by professional nutritionist and cook
  • After school and tutor classes that focuses on English and school subjects
  • Diversified weekend activities and college tour.
  • 24-hour management using  smartphone application

 Structure of Management System

Individual 24-hour Management System has adopted special management system that parents can feel safe with leaving their children with MACS. We provide smartphone application, which lets parents to communicate with students and teachers with ease. Parents can check students’ attendance, class contents, and general information about classes with the application

 Educational System

MACSNY enforce consultation with students in regular basis to identify and help with their school life, GPA, relationship with friends, livelihood in home-stay, health, and sociability. It is valuable time to discover students’ potential. MACSNY especially take care very closely of their personality, harmonious school life and relationship, and local manner.


Academic Counselor: Academic counselors are professional academic managers who are graduates from top colleges in US. Their roles are GPA supervising, meeting with their school teachers, attending parents-teachers conference at school, college admission assistance, extra curriculum activities, volunteering, and managing after school.

Children Psychological Counselor: Professional MACSNY children psychological counselors discuss with students about relationship with friends, adolescent matters, and academic stress. CP counselors also discuss with parents very closely with the student’s problem and find solutions together.

School Networker: School Networkers are in charge of networking with school, admissions, and general admistration.

After school Teacher: Our teachers provide quality classes on test prep, English in general, and school subjects. Students can also choose to have extra tutoring as well.

Tour & College Visit Instructor: Current professors at MIT, Harvard, etc. guide students during college visit. They also hold seminars to provide students visions and motivation for their future and study.


  Aiming Majors & Colleges

Medical, Law, Management: Ivy League (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Prinstone, Yale)

Art: Yale, Brown, Pratt, Parsons, FIT, SVA, RISD

Music: Berkeley, Julliard, Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College the New School for Music

(Instruments like piano, violin, cello, flute, etc./ Composition/ Writing lyrics)

Sports/ Dance: Julliard, Tisch, Limon, The Schoole of American Ballet

(Sports like golf, tennis, horseback riding, etc. / Dance like Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, ect.)


  Programs (4th ~ 12th grade)

GPA supervising

  • Homework and school test
  • Honor classes
  • Advanced classes (IB, AP exams)
  • Essay workshop

Consulting and coaching for College admission

  • Major evaluation for teens
  • Potential talent examination
  • Know-how for college admission

SAT Prep

  • 1:1 private or small group (5~15 students) tutoring
  • Critical reading
  • SAT vocabs
  • Essay writing

Award prep classes for Ivy League

  • Science/ Math Olympiad
  • Extra curriculum award

Personal mentoring

  • Identifying student’s needs and interests and finding ways to satisfy them
  • Mental and emotional help

Networking with schools

  • Ivy League school visits
  • Maintaining relationship with admissions officers

Activities for Ivy League

  • Foreign language
  • Volunteering
  • Cultural adventuring trips
  • Internship, seminars, lectures,
  • Art
    • Analysis & critique
    • Private lessons
    • Portfolio for colleges
  • Music
    • Instrument lessons
    • Composition
    • Writing lyrics
  • Sports
    • Golf, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, dance

 Home-stay System

MACSNY autonomously runs home-stay system, where students can stay healthy, study quietly, and have healthy lifestyle. Home-stay places are owned by local residents and legally permitted by school and government. Students can enjoy Korean meals and cultural communication with comfort, while closely experiencing American culture as well. ã…¡MACSNY carefully selects home-stay places based on family members, personalities and occupations of owners, family atmosphere, and environment. Criminal records and alcohol/ drug usage are also objects to look through for students’ safety.

 Town of Islip, Long Island, NY

Town where many locals who look for high quality education resides.

 School is/has

  1. Private school where New York Education Department administrates.
  2. Less than 30% of ratio for International students
  3. Academically famous staff
  4. Safe residential environment


  • Operation
    • Students are allocated based on their gender and school. Guardian teacher resides together at each residential location, and students have schedule to follow.
  • Guardian
    • Guardian teachers are MACSNY’s full-time employees who gets 3 months of training. The training is about how to effectively love and care children and lead students with respect.
  • Sensible room allocation
    • Room allocation bases on student orientation and consultation results. Basically we consider students’ age, and let them rotate the roommate on regular time basis.
  • Limited internet usage
    • To avoid students’ over usage of internet, MACSNY limits the time allowed to use internet. Personally owned laptops are to be returned to guardians after allowed time for internet use.
  • Nutritionist and cook
    • Professional nutritionists and cook first consider students’ nutritive condition and work on balanced and well-being meal plan. Healthy snacks are also prepared enough for everyone.
  • Workout/ Weight management
    • MACSNY values students’ physical health as well. During their free time, students can go extra curriculum activities or freely use gym to work out. If a student especially needs to lose weight, nutritionists and cook make special meal plan for him/her.
  • Going out/ Leaving country
    • Going out unplanned and/or not permitted in advance is not allowed. Parents first needs to notify MACSNY that they permit their children to visit somewhere.
  • Books and Newspapers
    • Certain amount of reading materials are accessible for students, including National Geographic, NYTimes, News Week, etc., to help them develop good reading habit.
  • Laundry
    • Doing laundry is easy with installed laundromats. Home-stay parents help doing laundry for younger students.
  • Smartphone application
    • MACSNY adopted smartphone application which allows parents to check children’s schedule, attendance, homework status, and activities. Also, photos of students are updated online regularly.

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