English Evaluation Test

MACS offers FREE professional consultation and evaluation test analysis.

With a personal consultation result, we build customized programs & services based on the individuals level by assessing free evaluation test. Evaluation Test will show student’s strong and weakness in all field and create customized programs designed by certified professionals and instructors. Full course guidelines, materials, and syllabus will be available to the students. We can select the right level of study for our students at the very start of our program. This helps the students not to waste time and money while researching which classes they should attend. Below are some examples of evaluation tests & results and benefits of evaluation tests.

Evaluation Diagnostic Result & Analysis:

Reading/ Writing/ Speaking/ Listening

Example of John Doe

According to the graph above which is generated based on John”s evaluation test results, John’s writing has great strength in Diction/Phrases, while John relatively lacks Comprehension, Flow/Time, and Creativity. John is relatively well-balanced in Reading, which Comprehension, Flow/Time, and Creativity are his strength. In Listening,John is good with Comprehension, but he lacks ability of managing Flow/Time.

Overall, John needs focused supplements in the following categories:

Reading Writing Listening Speaking
Comprehension  v
Flow/Time v v v
Creativity   v v  
Diction/Phrases v v v
Practical Ability v v v

Overall Conclusion and Analysis

Every student has one’s own strength and weakness in certain subject.  However, it is inaccurate to say that one has one quality in all skills in English. For example, Student A who was mentioned earlier in page has outstanding strength in using Diction/Phrases in his/her Writing, but student’s ability to use Diction/Phrases is quite low in Speaking. Because everyone is different and each individual has different levels of abilities even within oneself, it is crucial to have professional and well-structured evaluation tests in order to effectively improve one’s skills.

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