Company Overview

Metropolitan Art Center & Services (MACS)

work cohesively in education and service industry to serve individual students with professional consultation and higher education system as well as providing various internship positions. MACS is your partner in lifelong education and we are committed to help you achieve your goals.

At MACS, we believe every student is unique. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all education. MACS is committed to providing a customized program to help uncover every student’s potential  

Our Education Department’s mission is to develop a career road map for students with professional consultants.

MACS International programs include English courses in all levels to help students improve their English levels by providing free evaluation tests  during the consultation. MACS is open for any questions relevant to VISA concerns for any international students. For VISA Assistant, please go to our consultation page to schedule an appointment.

MACS offer standardized tests for college & graduate students, English proficiency test including TOEFL, TOEIC, pre-college test for K-18 students, Foreign Language test preparation programs. Click here for details.

MACS provide a range of professional internship positions to students ready to experience the real world. We prepare individuals with our career development programs such as building resume & cover letter to real phone & in-person interview with professional Human Resources Department. It is our commitment to offer not only educational skills training, but also offer job preparation and guidance necessary for students to compete in today’s highly competitive job market.
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MACS Art Department works closely with artists and galleries in New York City to provide professional research, show plan/ organization, marketing, supplementary graphic works, feedback, and local community networks. Click here for details.