MACS provides 1:1 customized field trip that helps high school and college students to understand and get familiarized with American culture. It is a new short-term program that students gain practical English, teamwork, and leadership by enjoying various activities and missions. Students can obtain global perspectives by experiencing various jobs in New York, one of the most diverse city in the world. MACS also provides experiences in high quality education and culture, which includes Arts, theaters, and entertainment.

◆ Experiencing Internship: Participating in educational programs and short-term internship at famous financial companies on Wall Streets, courts in New York, medical institutions, NASA, etc.









â—† College Tour:

◇ Customized classes based on age and major 
◇ Ivy League: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, MIT, etc. 
◇ Art/Music/Sports/Dance: Pratt, SVA, Julliard, etc.

◆ 3-Step Mission System:
◇ 3-Step Missions are programmed with both education and field trip

◇ Feature: Student plans and carries out missions, and communicates with locals to improve planning and communication skills in English. 

◆ Personalized Schedule Management
◇ It lets 24-hour LIVE check-up on activities and schedules of students.
◇ MACS staff updates report and pictures for smooth interaction among students, parents, and teachers.


  Program Outline 

◆ Program: Mission Planning + Study Tour + Feedback Paper + Mentoring

◆ Location: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC

◆ Study Tour: 

◇ Art – Private Artist Studio, Artwork Auction

◇ Science – NASA Space/ Sea Workshop

◇ Business – Wall Street, Trading game

◇ Government – UN Headquarter, Court

◇ College Visit – Columbia, Yale

◇ Media – NBC, Carnegie Hall

â—† College Visit: IVY League & General Colleges – Harvard, Yale, Columbia, MIT etc.

â—† Art: Art/ Cultural Experience – Private Studio, Museum, Theater, etc.

◆ Tour: New York Tourist Attractions

◆ Housing: Homestay, Hotel

 ◆ Subject: High School & College Students

(Aiming for Medical, Law, Management Majors in IVY LEAGUE & other colleges)

◆ Period: 1~6 weeks

◆ Schedule: Departure on January 2nd



â—† Step 1. Private Mentoring Consultation
Find personal need and interests and ways to fulfill them.

â—† Step 2. Evaluation Tests
Find the right level and classes for each students by evaluation tests.

â—† Step 3. Customized Classes & Schedule
Set up personally customized classes that are programmed to improve English skills in short period of time, based on evaluation tests.


  Education System 

  Step 1. Receive Mission and Plan-Out

â—† Recieve Mission
â—‡ Mission with various locations is given out

â—† Pre-studying Mission Location
â—‡ By learning about the location, students can get rid of possible fear of unfamiliar places.

â—† Plannig-out

 ◇ Find the path for the mission
â—‡ Learn meanings and pronunciation of vocabularies to be used during mission
â—‡ Make phrase in English to use during mission

â—† Check-up and Feedback of Instructor
â—‡ Instructor check-up the plan, and fix incorrect English and pronunciation


  Step 2. Field Trip with Mission

â—† Take pictures at the location
◇ In process of finding location and carrying out the mission, various experience can lead to entertainment and familiarization to culture.

â—† Communicating with Locals
◇ Mission give opportunities in communicating with locals by asking ways to places and sharing opinions with them. This will help students to gain more confidence in speaking in English.

â—† Ordering Food, Tickets, and other necessities
â—‡ Students orders admission tickets, meals, snacks, and other necessities on their own.
They can practice and gain self-reliance, confident attitude, and practical English.

â—† Accompanying Instructor
â—‡ Instructors accompany the students for their safety, but do not give help for missions that students need to solve problems on their on.

  Step 3. Analysis, Discussion, & Feedback

â—† Grading Mission â—‡ Grading is done according to set rule. And students with high score will be awarded.

â—† Recording Reviewâ—‡ Incorrect pronunciation and expressions are fixed to encourage correct use of English.

 ◆ Discussion
â—‡ Discussion sessions is held in English to let students to organized and express their thoughts and opinions.

◆ Reviewing Mission with Accompanying Instructor
â—‡ Accompanying Instructor review mission with students to find their strengths and weaknesses. And together they will find ways to develop strength and supplement weakness.




Brochure – Korean

Brochure – English

Brochure – Japanese

Brochure – Chinese

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