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Why do an internship?

In preparing for a successful career, one of the most important steps is completing an internship before you graduate.  Internship is recommended for the following reasons:

Gain real world experience: Most companies want to hire students who have worked in their industry or one that requires a similar skill set and internship is a great supplement to your education.

Learn outside of school: most internships offer addition training and learning that you might not experience during college and by working in real world, you will have a better understanding and assurance of what you are studying.  It is a good self assessment time for your career.

You can be different: Through completing an internship, you can be more prepared and ahead of others, and you can use what you learned during internship to set you apart as a candidate.

WHY MACS’ Internship Program?
With these great reason, MACS programs can prepare you 100% and find you the perfect internship.   The following is the lists of internship preparation process:


1. Student Application & Screening:

  • Student Application:  Student must fill out the application form to be participating in the internship program. internship_serviceThe form includes student’s profile, education background, strength & weakness, work experience, etc.
  • Evaluation & Qualification Review: We screen both the application form & resume/cover letter to determine if student is qualified.  For international students, we provide a free English test to evaluate their English level.

2. Internship Program:

  • Interview: Once qualified, we will conduct an actual in-person interview to see how prepared you are.
  • Internship and Job Training
    • Qualified students will have the actual internship opportunities with our top affiliated company however, for those who want or need to build stronger skills, MACS can provide Career Development Internship program. Click here for details.
  • Program Administration and Management
    • Students started the internship will be under out Student Management Care; you will be responsible of sending us daily reports,and feedback between company and you) based on the internship


Location of Internship 

New York

Internship Fields

• Graphic Design • Architect
• Fashion • Interior Design
• Media • Business
• NPO/ NGO • Engineering
• Sciences •  Hospitality/ Tourism
• Sports Management • Law / CPA
• IT / Programming




  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Excellent organization skills and time management skills
  • Passionate about working
  • Responsible
  • Specific qualifications vary upon hosting company’s requests.


Send your resume & cover letter to
For Art majors, please attach your portfolio.

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