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What is the Career Development & Internship Program?

Career Development & Internship Programs are designed to prepare students  for the internship at the top companies in New York City.

For students who want to develop extra skills before taking on the internship,  one of the programs available is ESL + Career Development & Internship Course. Through ESL course, you can develop strong communication & writing English skills and prepare job portfolios such as job interview, build resume & cover letter as a package to improve both skills.


*MACS is affiliated with top companies in all various fields located in New York City.

What are Benefits of this Program?

  • Develop strong well round skills necessary for internship
  • Get actual hands on real working experience
  • Internship opportunity with MACS’ top affiliated Hosting company
  • Maximized exposure of different industries


What are the courses? 

1. Basic Courses (2 times/wk, 12 sessions): On top of  English classes, international students have options to take Basic English Courses as part of  MACS Internship Programs. This program will enhance individual’s professional vocabularies, communication and writing skills on a professoinal level, allowing one to be flexible and fluent in speaking English at work.

Courses include:

  • Pronunciation and communications
  • Practical English
  • Presentation
  • Business English & Writing

2. Intermediate I, II Courses (2 times/wk, 12 sessions): Speaking in front of an audience is everybody’s fear however it is inevitable to avoid the situation at work. This intermediate courses are designed for the purpose to overcome the fear of speaking in public and to boost your confidence in interpersonal communication.

Courses include:

  • Interview & Presentation
  • Resume & Cover Letter Editing

3. Advanced Courses:

  • Profile, Self-branding, Self-promotion:  Learn strategy to work using basic computer software, how to self-brand and self-promote, and how to present yourself on websites(i.e.LinkedIn, Own portfolio website).
  • Training for Company of Interest : Learn necessary tools to develop strong skills required for each companies such as organization skills, time management skills


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