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 Art College Preparation/ Admission

Studio-Art-Overview-02Want to pursue a career through Art College? Many art colleges require students to submit a portfolio and with our program, we can make yours stand out from thousands of portfolios.

What exactly is a portfolio? It is a collection of your best artwork pieces that you submit as part of college application to an art program and it is required by most colleges in U.S.

Every year, colleges receive thousands of portfolios for review.  How will you make your portfolio stand out? MACS has that answer.

MACS ART Program
Portfolio preparation are customized based on college major. Our faculties are top art professors expert in preparing a well-developed portfolio to help you gain acceptance into a prestigious art school. You will earn tips on pulling your portfolio together as well as building connections with top faculty members in art field. 

Programs to Help You to Achieve Your Goal as Artist

  • Portfolio Ideation
  • Portfolio Production
  • College Application
  • Portfolio Documentation & Editing
  •  Interview Preparation
  • Art Presentation + Art Critique Preparation

Lists below are the top art colleges located in NYC




















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