How do I qualify for J-1 visa?

Foreign nationals come to the United States to participate in a wide variety of educational and cultural exchange programs, to gain a valuable International experience in the U.S., which will help advance their careers in the future.

To qualify for J-1 visa, you must be:

  • As an intern: Student currently enrolled in a degree or who have graduated from the institution within 12 months of the internship start date. And the applied program must be related to the intern’s academic field of study.
  • As a trainee: Individuals with at least 5 years of related professional experience outside the U.S. Training programs must be related to the trainee’s occupational field
  • English proficiency: Participants must demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the English language to enable them to participate in this program.
  • Career goal oriented: Participants must demonstrate that intended internship will be in line with career path he/she is pursuing
  • Financial support: Participants must demonstrate that they have sufficient finances to support themselves for their entire stay in the U.S., including housing and living expenses. Bank statement required.

Application Process:

1. Locate and contact a designated sponsor.

2. Send a complete application to the designated sponsor which includes:

A passport sized photo and copy of your passport photo page.

2 letters of recommendations

Bank statement

DS7002 Form (Completed and uploaded by your employer)

Full payment of program fees.

3. If the application is approved by the sponsor, you’ll receive SEVIS ID number

and instructions for paying the fee for SEVIS and DS-2019 form.

4. Bring your proof of the SEVIS payment, the DS-2019 Form, the DS-7002 Form, and any other materials indicated on your

Embassy/Consulate website for a schedule interview at your local U.S. Embassy/Consulate.

5. Receive a visa and make final arrangements to travel to the U.S.


Easy application process with MACS:

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