Field Trip

For I-20, ESL is required with this course.

Museum/Gallery/Performance/Dance/Music/IVY League/Art College

This service is offered to all students and foreigner visitors who desire to experience art, architecture, landmarks museums, city hotspots, gallery, school/college, and different sectors of New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, etc.). It will inspire all people, especially one who unsure of educational/career directions. Field Trip course is customizable program that reflects individual’s interest and need. This program is based on 6 hours per week; student may choose the field trip theme and session they desire to explore.


 Customized Trip for Personal & Educational Purpose

 Step 1. Find the Individual’s interest, need, and goal for extra-curriculum activities

  • Learn all the basics of American culture, history, art, humanity, society, etc.
  • Focus on Personal Mentorship & development

 Step 2. Full Managing System

  • Schedule and Time management
  • Professional guide and academic instructor assisting all field trips

 Step 3. 1:1 Customized Program

  • Strong, Customized educational trips with Finest Quality Faculty Team
  • Learning concepts & materials in various views
  • Supplementary classes, seminars, lectures on subject place and field trips
  • Interactive working and discussion to expand the thoughts and broaden the view
  • Both academic and creative methods of writing response paper to fulfill the experience & knowledge
  • Presentation and critique for sharing opinions and training academic/professional language and attitude

 Step 4. Extra-Curriculum Activities

  • Additional 1:1 treatment to enhance the result

 Step 5. Professional Management & Supervision & Student & Teacher Evaluation

  • For every field trip, management collects all feed backs from students and teachers
  • Professional research and analysis take a place to customize the theme, topic, theme, and activities.Modification & Development of Program
  • Based on Students’ Growth & Feedback, management creates next innovative and efficient trips and courses

 Sample Syllabus

Theme: Visual Arts & History

Behind the Scene Trips  
Place: Apollo TheaterAddress: 253 W. 125th St.
New York , New York 10027Grade Level: 2nd and upProgram Type: Guided TripsConcepts: Historic Tours reveal the Apollo Theater’s significant contributions to the birth of global popular culture and tell the dramatic story of the legendary artists and events that have made the Apollo an American icon. Schools can enhance their visit with an Extended Tour Workshop, which offers hands-on activities related to the Apollo, the Harlem community and the Apollo’s impact on the arts and culture. Apollo staff can visit your classroom prior to or following your scheduled tour, to facilitate an activity that connects the tour experience to your classroom curricula. You must book a date for a Historic Tour before you schedule a workshop with Apollo Theater Education Program.
Place: Banson NYCAddress:  Fashion District New York , New YorkGrade Level: 2nd and upProgram Type: Guided TripsConcepts: Provides students with a “real life” tour experience of the fashion industry in NYC by introducing them to key players in the field, teaching relevant seminars and exploring fashion museums and stores. Each program is custom tailored to fit teacher’s curriculum and educational goals. REGION: New York County, NYC.

Place: DubspotAddress: 348 West 14th Street, New YorkGrade Level: 2nd and upProgram Type: Guided ActivitiesConcepts: Dubspot’s cutting-edge DJ and music production curriculum stands alone. Our innovative approach to education immerses children in music through an intensive, hands-on experience, which focuses on functional training, all provided by practicing musicians and experienced industry professionals. In our fun, interactive environment, we encourage kids to not only learn about, but also become involved with, the music they love. From DJ classes to rhythm workshops, production strategies to performance techniques, our curriculum is completely customizable. Call us to explore the options or to schedule a class trip.


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