MACS Professional Internship Program

MACS internship programs are specially arranged for both undergraduate and graduate students who desire to have internship opportunities and experience. The General ESL course plus the Internship course offers a list of supplement training programs that assist in enriching and developing students’ job portfolio and connecting them to all related industries in New York.

*We are unable to offer standard internships in the United States due to F-1 visa restrictions, but we do offer part time Practical Business English placements as an alternative.

 Internship Program


 Benefits of Internship Career Development Program:

  • Professional Personal/Career Consulting
  • Professional resume design
  • Perfecting Job Portfolio
  • Customized Training Classes
  • Best Industry Connection
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Interview Training Seminar Internship Training Seminar
  • Best Monitoring and Feedback
  • Connect to Current Internship job fields/industries

 Available Locations

 Part-time Practical Business English placement in the USA

The Practical Business English program includes a minimum of 8 weeks of intensive General English course followed by 8 weeks (or more) where the students organizes their schedule between their full-time English course and a non-paid placement with a company. During the first part of the program, our advisers will help you prepare for interviews. During the second part of the program, you will combine your English courses with a professional placement in a local company to further enhance and develop your language skills and classroom learning.

 Part-time Practical Business English


 Full Time Internship Program

Our students have completed internship placements in the following fields:

 Admission Requirements

You must be well versed in the English language. To apply please send us your resume and cover letter. The placements are only available for students of 18 years and older.

Please contact us at internship.macs@gmail.com or call our office at +1 646 383 8663. To find out more please visit our website www.metartcenter.com.



 Why MACS Career Development? The Best of the Best Internship Program

  1. Perfecting Job Portfolio
  2. Customized Training Classes
  3. Best Industry Connection
  4. Best Mentoring & Feedback


 Customizing Process


 Private Consultation & Mentoring:

  • Professional Career Development consultation
  • Mentoring and Feedback for personal development
  • Customized career development courses based on each individual’s current status, interests, and needs
  • Professional research for most suitable work place & position

 Professional Research and Analysis on each individual:

  • Complete Analysis on each individual
  • Offers a consultation result paper
  • Build a customized course, weekly schedule, and daily syllabus to strengthen each individual’s weakness and needs
  • Find the perfect internship position
  • Set up customized training sessions to improve job portfolio



 Customized Career Development Program


 Complete process of create, develop, furnish your job portfolio:

  • Professional Resume structure and design
  • Customized cover letter based on designated company
  • Provides recommendation letters
  • Customized profile based on designated area of industry
  • Develop various methods of self-branding & self-promotion
  • Portfolio for creative positions

Complete preparation for professional presentation & interview:

  • Interview Training Seminar
  • Internship Training Seminar
  • Pronunciation correction
  • Professional attitude correction
  • Information Interviews
  • Demo-interview practice sessions
  • Mater program to ace the interview

Job Search, Networking, and Career Match-making until you get:

  • Connect to current internship positions opened in NYC
  • Connect to local community and clubs
  • Consistent Job/ Internship opening information
  • Company visits, Educational/Informative visits

Internship Match-making:

For both Undergraduate and graduate students who are preparing for internship and job opportunities:

  • Professional personal/ career consulting
  • Professional resume design
  • Professional cover letters
  • Recommendation letters
  • Interview Training Seminar
  • Internship Training Seminar
  • Connect to current internship, job fields/industries
  • Connect to local community clubs

* This service package is different from the courses of Internship program in the education department. This service only offers form completion services and networking.

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