Award Program

Get Award, Build Your Career

 What is Award Program?

Award Program

The Award Program is specially designed for students who desire to prepare and achieve awards in the fields of their interest. The general ESL course + Award Program offers a list of supplementary training programs that help develop students’ talent and connect them to all applicable awards and competitions both in the U.S. and abroad.


 What are Benefits of this Program?

  • Customized Preparation & Training Courses
  • National & International Award Consulting
  • Search & Connect to Applicable Awards and Competitions
  • Professional Work & Performance Review
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Supplementary Training Workshops
  • Connection to Local Professions
  • Seminars & Lecture Series
  • Feedback & Networking Service

 Award, Contest, Competition Categories:

Award Programs

  • General Academic Awards in Schools
  • Special Academic Recognitions
  • Competitions for Scholarships
  • Art & Design Contests
  • Music & Dance Competitions
  • Math & Science Competitions
  • Industry Contests
  • Volunteer Service Awards
  • Sports Competitions
  • National Honor Awards
  • International Awards

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