English Pronunciation Class

Pronunciation & Speech Training

English Pronunciation Class is specially designed for foreigners who seeks to improve their overall communication skills and to correct their English pronunciation. Students will be trained to build strong communication skills and correct pronunciation & help fix the accent so that students can can communicate like native speakers.ronunciation & Speech Training Program

Do you want to Speak English like a Native?

Unique Features of MACS Customized Process for Pronunciation & Speech Training & Course

One of the most special features about MACS English Pronunciation Class is customized Program. MACS provides private 1:1 consultation, evaluation done by professionals, customizing courses with best quality faculty team, and professional and efficient management system to students, in order to help them to achieve their final goals.

Private Consultation & Mentoring:

  • Professional and Private consultation
  • Mentoring and Feedback for personal development
  • Customized career development courses based on each individual’s current level, needs, and test result
  • Professional research for best mix&match of courses

Structured Pronunciation & Accent & Speech Exam:

  • Complete Diagnosis on: Pronunciation, Accent, Tone, Voice, Attitude, Phrase/Vocab Skills, Speech manner, etc.
  • Complete Analysis on detected problems in all area
  • Offers a consultation and exam result paper
  • Build a customized course, weekly schedule, and daily syllabus to strengthen each individuals weakness and needs

Correction Area

  • Vowels (Stressed/ Unstressed)
  • Consonants, Consonants Clusters
  • Supra-segmental (Stress & Rhythm)
  • Vocal tone: Speed, Clarity, Articulation,Volume
  • Connected Speech: Linking, Epenthesis, Vowel Reduction
  • Attitude: Sociocultural Aspects, natural Body Gesture
  • Pitch & Intonation
  • Accent

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