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MACS’ programs are designed to support all students with different interests and background. Our Consultation is private, free, and you will be assessed by professional consultant. Click here for MACS’ Consultation details and to set up appointment, click apply now  (Chinese, Korean, Japanese consultants available) 

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High Quality Mentoring System, higher chance to success

MACS is all about high quality mentoring program.  We believe that right student supporting system that determine the success of the student’s education goal.
Let us take you to the journey to start the MACS’ education:

Step 1: Private Consultation  & Finding your mentor
During Private Consultation, you will meeting your mentor who will help customize your program based on your level.

Step 2: Evaluation Test
MACS’ Evaluation Test will be given upon your request.  Evaluation Test will measure your level to provide the best customized programs for you. To learn more, please click here.

Step 3: Start Customized class with your mentor & MACS’ Mentoring System
With customized programs based on your evaluation tests, you will be supported with  MACS’ Mentoring System.

Benefits you will receive are:
-24/7  Support: Your personal advisor will be available during off class hours to help students at anytime
-Class Evaluation: On first day of class & for every 4 sessions of class, academic advisor will be with you to evaluate the class
-Class Modification: Based on your feedback, programs can be always modified and customized


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