New York City is the perfect place for artistic, talented people.  If you want to learn from the beginning or pursue a career with your talents, you are at the right place. MACS  can provide customized programs based on your level to improve your inner talents.


Art, Dance, Music Program
Levels & Categories
Level Category
 Basic Hobby or Personal Interest
 Beginner Extra-Curricular Activity for
College & Ivy League
 Intermediate Art/ Dance/ Music Schools
Admission Preparation
Advanced  Professional Development for
Show/ Performance Preparation


 Art Courses


             Beginner Drawing I
  Painting I
  Sculpture I
  Portfolio Ideation
  Foundation of Visual Computer I
Intermediate Drawing II
  Painting II
  Sculpture II
  Portfolio Production
  Foundation of Visual Computer II
Advanced Portfolio Production II
  Professional Art Critique
  Art Presentation & Interview
  Art College Home Test
  Fashion Portfolio



 Dance Courses

Ballet Jazz
Ballroom Lyrical/ Modern
Contemporary Musical Theater
Ethnic Tap
Hip Hop/ Street Style  


 Music Courses



Brass Percussion Historical Performance
Guitar Piano Orchestral Conducting
Harp Strings Voice
Harpsichord Woodwinds Music Directing
Organ Composition Sound Design


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