Music School

 Music College Preparation/ Admission

Are you trying to figure out how to apply and audition at the right music  schools in NYC? 

New York City is filled with music schools but finding the right one is always challenging.  On top of that, preparing for too many non-overlapping audition requirements is very difficult. 

With MACS Music College Preparation, you will have the opportunity to prioritize and prepare the application and audition process. 


 Step 1. Private Consultation & Mentoring

  • Private and Professional Consultation + Professional research
  • Mentoring and Feedback for persona; development

 Step 2. Personalized Schedule & Admission Coaching

  • Structured Scholarship Category Examination
  • Customized supplementary course, weekly schedule, and daily syllabus
  • Match up with perfect instructors & Perfect scholarships

 Step 3. Customized training course

  • Private lessons from professors in the field
  • Finest performing art schools
  • Brass, Piano, Composition, Harp, Guitar, jazz, Harpsichord, Organ, Percussion, Woodwinds, Voice, Strings, Orchestral Conducting
  • Professional Workshop
  • Performing Opportunity
  • Professional Performance Documentation
  • Audition Preparation
  • Top Performing Art Schools/ Colleges Admission Coaching
  • Performance Review from Professional Panels
  • Theory & History Study

 Step 4. Admission Interview Training

  • Set up and manage personal
    scholarship interview schedule
  • Interview training & interview assistance

 Step 5. Professional Assistance

  • Assist Standardized test scores notification & all process documentation
  • Supplementary training (Essay assistance, shows, seminars, public lectures)

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