About MACS

Metropolitan Art Center & Services (MACS) cohesively work in education and service industry and serve individual students and other corporations in various fields.

MACS is your partner in lifelong education and business and are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Throughout the years, we have established our own highly customized and unique educational programs and corporate services as well as built an industrial network.

MACS Education Department

The MACS Education Departments mission is to develop a career road map for students starting from ESL spanning through a wide range of professional programs. We are dedicated to providing education that will equip students with the tools and skills necessary for total competency in the business field. To achieve this goal, programs/services offered by MACS is designed to meet the needs and demands of the ever-changing fields. It is our firm’s commitment to not only offer educational skills training, but also to provide job preparation and guidance necessary for students to compete in todays highly competitive job market.

MACS Corporate Services Department

For Career Development, MACS provides a range of professional services including planning & marketing, graphic/web design projects, and internship recruitment. MACS is partnered with companies of various industries and qualifies candidates on their behalf by practicing first and second interview for them.

For Educational Institutions, MACS provides a range of developed elective courses with the finest program management system and marketing strategy. Our goal is to develop and strengthen the institutions brand value.

For each individual, MACS service department provides professional academic mentoring and management, internship match-making, License/Certificate process assistance, and VISA assistance.

MACS Art Department

MACS Art Department works closely with artists and galleries in New York City to provide professional research, show plan/ organization, marketing, supplementary graphic works, feedback, and local community networks.