English Pronunciation Evaluation Test

English Pronunciation Class

All students have different problems with pronunciation.  Before taking the Pronunciation Class which is designed to correct the way individuals speak,  you will take Pronunciation Evaluation test to understand your weak points.  By understanding your weak points, you will start English Pronunciation class with customized programs right for you. 

영어 발음 수업은 각 사람의 발음 문제를 교정해주는 프로그램 입니다. 레벨 시험을 통해 학생의 발음 문제를 발견하고 올바른 수업을 제공하고 있습니다.

밑에 내용은 레벨 시험의 example 입니다.



英語の発音クラス 個人が話す方法を修正するように設計されている。評価試験

 Example of Evaluation Test &  Analysis


The sounds that were pronounced incorrectly are highlighted in red. This is followed by a table of results, revealing the total number of occurrences, number of correct occurrences, and the percentage of correct occurrences in the two paragraphs. 

Student Name: John Doe
Evaluation Date: 01/01/2012

Analysis for Paragraph 1                       

Student is unable to linguistically distinguish the consonants “F” and “P.”  This is a common problem.  Examples of “F” and “P” conflation can be found in the beginning consonant “f” for “farmer” and food. Also, this student is also unable to pronounce “L” without sometimes confusing it for “R.”  This also is a  mistake  particularly common for English second language speakers of Asian origin, as their native languages do not have a pronunciation equivalent of “R.”

Student demonstrates proficiency in pronouncing the rest of the paragraph correctly.  However, the student can improve its pronunciation by learning the stress-timed nature of English.  Evidently, the student is intent on pronouncing each and every word carefully.  This affects her cadence and creates a stilted manner in which she reads.  By learning the stress-timed nature of English pronunciation, the student can achieve a more natural reading voice.

 Diagnostic Example of Pronunciation Evaluation Test

 Overall Conclusion and Analysis

Student has made errors that are common in most International students, especially Asian students.  Student can improve her English pronunciation by learning initial consonants, vowel blends, learning the various kinds of stresses and inflections, recognizing the number of syllables in a given word, and lastly, differentiating the “R” and “L” in class.