MACS Scholarship Program

 Why MACS “College Admission / In & Out of School Scholarship Program”?

1. Perfecting Your College Application
2. Unique & Customized Supplementary Programs
3. Best Networking & Resources
4. Customized Scholarship


 Customizing Process


 1. Professional Consultation & Mentoring

– Mentoring and Feedback for personal development
– Customized course based on each individual’s current level, interest of major, and needs
– Professional research on each individual

 2. Category Examination & Professional Analysis

– Structured Scholarship Category Examination
– Offer complete analysis and consultation result paper
– Build a customized supplementary courses, weekly schedule, and daily syllabus to achieve the goal
– Match up with perfect instructors
– Match up with perfect scholarship




 1. Perfecting Application: Complete process of create, develop, and furnish your college application

– Complete in and out of school scholarship application
– Application Workshops and Seminars
– Editing Essay, Statement of Purpose, Portfolio
– Compiling all materials related to the scholarship
– Supplementary courses for further development

 2. Personal & Professional Assistance: Complete preparation for scholarship applications

– Assist for Foreign Credential Information (WES)
– Assist Standardized test scores notification
– Essay Assistance
– Essay Proof Reading
– Set up and manage personal scholarship schedule
– Interview Assistance
– Complete all required documentation for admission

 3. Resources & Networking

– Connect to all possible scholarship opportunities
– Connect to local community and clubs to enrich experience in extra-curriculum activities
– Assist all follow-ups from scholarship organizations
– School visits, Educational/Informative visits

 4. Professional Services

– Taking care of all official documentation and application
– Interview Training (if the scholarship requires an interview)
– Supplementary Training (e.g. Seminars, Public lectures, etc.)
– Consistant Feedback, Continuous consultation and mentoring



For more detail information regarding MACS admission process for this program,
Please CLICK the designated categories at below:

To Apply/ Transfer Art College
To Apply/ Transfer General College
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