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For whoever seeks to enjoy the unique and luxurious activities in New York City, MACS offers both event information and personalized programs based on the individual’s interests and needs. By simply registering for MACS membership (on top right corner of the website), weekly newsletter about all activities in NYC will be delivered for free.


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What Benefits do I receive by registering MACS Membership?

You are the First one to be notified:

• Weekly & Monthly News Letter
• Activity Calendar based on your interest
• Schedule Reminder
• For special events, you are the first priority to be notified

You will Receive All the Info of NYC:

• MACS provides the best info with the best industry connection
• All new and private information in categories above
• Information will be filtered based on selection of interest

You will Get Various Opportunities:

• Internship opportunities
• Job Opportunities
• Opportunity to open your own show or exhibition
• Opportunity to get to meet new people, artists, musicians, public figure

You will Receive Personal care & Service:

• RSVP/ Reservation service
• Personal mentoring & consultation service
• Constant feedback and modification for development

You will Get Customized Info just for you:

• Customized information based on your own interest, need, region, schedule, final goals, etc.
• Information based on personal request
• Constant feedback and modification for development

You will Get Professional Assistant for All Activities:

• Professional guide and instructor upon a request
• Schedule and time management
• Additional and related Informative, Academic, and Career Resources and materials offered for every trip

Professional Personal guide will be provided upon request.

• Museum
• Art/Architecture Gallery
• Artist Studio
• Shows/Performance
• Music Concert
• Roof deck party
• Private Event/Party
• School/College Visits
• Company Visits
• Special Events
• Seminars