Read our students’ feedback on our internship program, ESL and elective courses.

Name: Hwangbo Soojung, South Korea
MACS Practical English


Name: Lincoln Li
Internship Company/ Position: Glowing Pictures/3D Animation Intern 

Yufeng Li(Lincoln)

I learned a lot by taking the internship at Glowing Pictures. Apart from learning new skills such as Real-time 3D performance and taking part in new activities like live projections, the most important thing I have learned is understanding the essence of teamwork. Involved in all kinds of projects, I become aware of what makes a perfect team: responsibility, complementation, and the ability to understand others.


Student Name:  Matthew Gold
Internship Company/ Position: Glowing Pictures/ 3D Animation


Did not get to work on many projects but learned a lot about technical skills from working on Alien Boombox, creating / compositing memories banner for Austin Airport and creating exploding speaker diagram. Interested in working for Glowing Pictures after college.


Student Name:  Nilufer Can
Internship Company/ Position: Dareen Hakim/ Social Media

The internship is great! Daily Tasks involve social media research, blogging, getting acquainted with the work environment, make a list of Eastern European/Fashion bloggers, assigned Tasks with Due Dates, Social media marketing. I am learning a lot about marketing branding.


Name:  Jill Lee
Internship Company/ Position: Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos/ Graphic Design

Internship is going great. I am working on looking at some of Esmeralda’s work, and currently working on promoting some of her project.