Internship Program Structure

English course: Students enrolled in their English course only can participate in internship.

Unpaid Internship: Our English Internship is unpaid, and lunch or travel costs stipend varies on U.S Host Company.

Internship Certification: Student will receive certification, proof document in completing internship.

*In Chinese, click Chinese Version for details of the program.

What is the purpose of our internship program?internship
MACS Internship program is designed to give students the opportunity to utilize their linguistic abilities and gain professional work experience.  Combining an English course with time spent in a professional environment, students are able to meet native speakers and use their English skills.  At the same time, students can understand American and international working culture, and build network for future career. We take care in placing each student with an internship that is right for them.


How does the program work?

Student must take English language courses for 4 weeks, followed by an internship of 3 months.  The purpose of internship is to learn English and internship must be equal or less than duration of English course.  Qualified students will be interviewed by us before we place them with an internship. Throughout internship, we will make sure both hosting company and the student are making good progress.

*Entry Requirements

  • Student must be over 18 years old
  • Eligible F1 student
  • Have English language proficiency of at least advanced level
  • Be motivated, willing to learn both in English class and workplace


During internship, students will submit a weekly reflection about the internship and complete a final report as an evaluation of the placement. Host companies will provide feedback on student’s progress at the mid-point and end of the internship.

Possible Internships (Sample list)

Arts & Entertainment
Commerce and Finance
Non Profit Organization
Information Technology
Web Development

Internship Companies (Sample list)
We have over 15 U.S. Hosting companies in New York.  Please refer to our Hosting Company page:http://www.macsny.com/hosting-companies/


Intensive English Program Duration Tuition Fee (USD)
2014 Session  12-16 weeks $600-900
2015 Session 12-16 weeks $650-950

For details, click English internship brochure price to download our brochure

Students are required to secure their own internship by filling out the internship application. Please send the application to our email at metartcenter@gmail.com

Tel: 646-383-8663
Email: ask@metartcenter.com
Website: www.macsny.com

Testimonials- Lincoln Li11137099_xxl
I learned a lot by taking the internship at Glowing Pictures. Apart from learning new skills such as Real-time 3D performance and taking part in new activities like live projections, the most important thing I have learned to understand the essence of teamwork and working culture in U.S. I became aware of what makes a perfect team: responsibility, complementation, and the ability to understand others. In general, I’m very satisfied with my internship in Glowing Pictures.

Testimonials- Wanting Liu
Internship program has given me the opportunity to learn everyday English and learn a lot about U.S. working culture. I feel confident and comfortable speaking English with native speakers. I definitely recommend Internship program to people who want to learn English and gain work experience.