Art Studio Class

Required Course for I-20 Support

 Art Lab I, II, III:

By studying “non-art mediums” and experimenting with newly designated “art mediums”, students will expand their definitions and limitations of art mediums and produce highly innovative projects.

 Mixed Media Art I, II, III:

Mixed media art refers to a work of visual art that combines various traditionally distinct visual art media and materials. This course covers all variations of mixed media art by processing and creating innovative materials to build both strong 2D and 3D senses.

 5 Senses Drawing/ Painting I, II, III:

By focusing on elevating the usage of full five senses, curriculum such as blind drawing, extensive observation of common object, etc., will develop the students’ range of observing and expressing in visual communication with sophisticated drawing/painting skills. Based on students’ level of skills and process, more advanced courses will be offered. Intellectual inspiration such as novels, poems, music, philosophy etc. will be given and guided to execute more in depth creative production/ execution based on non-direct stimulation of senses.

 2-D Studios I, II, III:

 This course covers all variation that 2-dimensional art and possibility can reach. From basics (such as understanding of the line and the dot) to expert level (such as mix/multi-media art) will be offered based on student’s level.

 3-D Studio I, II, III:

This course is highly recommended for students who are interested in or pursuing majors that falls under the umbrella of 3-dimensional art (such as Industrial Design, Interior Architecture, Architecture, Jewelry, Product, Fashion, etc.) From basics (such as exploring positive and negative space), to expert level (such as programming and prototyping) will be offered based on students’ level.

 Storyboard Production I, II, III:

For students who are interested and pursuing Animation/Film as major, this course offers extensive sessions from basics to professional level. By taking an inanimate process or object to building a comprehensive storyboard, students will learn how to execute ideas from the very beginning to final end product. Also, learning practical knowledge and skills in creating animation/film (such as light, views, focus, video recording, after-effect, etc.) will be taught as well.

 2D & 3D Computer Software:

In portfolio production and job fields, one’s ability to access 2D&3D computer software is crucial. This course will teach all-levels of computer software based on individual student’s need and level of skill.

 Offered 2D & 3D Computer software programs are:

• Adobe suites (Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Illustrator, Etc.)
• Solid Works
• Rhino
• Rendering programs (Brazil, Max3D, Etc.)
• Maya
• Final Cut Pro
• After Effects
• Dreamweaver
• Microsoft office

*Course can be added upon special request of a student.