Art Portfolio Preparation

 MACS Art Portfolio Program

For both Undergraduate and graduate students who desire to have an internship opportunity and experience, MACS offers a list of supplemental training programs that helps enrich and develop a students’ job portfolio and connect them to the related industries in New York.

 Why MACS Portfiolio Program?

  • Perfecting Portfolio for College
  • Unique & Customized Courses
  • Admission Interview Training
  • Customized Scholarship

 Complete preparation for TOP ART COLLEGE in US

 MACS 3-Month Art Portfolio Program

 Portfolio Ideation & Character Development:

Prior to portfolio production, brainstorming and generating ideas is the key to success as well as being able to reach a higher quality of work. Through intense ideation sessions, students will be trained to broaden their views and maximize their creativity. As the course requires students to make an artist notebook, this will eventually lead students to create a much stronger and more sophisticated portfolio.

 Mind training to broaden view & maximize creativity for stronger & sophisticate portfolio:

  • Ideation training is very unique course that only MACS has.
  • A portfolio is basically a representation of your character.  We are going to ultimately develop and enhance your strengths and character and then bring them out.


 Portfolio Production Studio:

This course will teach students how to build a strong portfolio. Through various art sessions and personal consultations, students will eventually be producing professional quality art and art portfolios.

 Distinctive, structures, and innovative studio programs:

  • Creative suites for beginners and intermediates
  • 5 Senses – drawing and painting, Art lab & innovative material exploration, etc.
  • Various art programs based on desiring majors
  • Educational Fieldtrip and interactive in-class exercises
  • Constant feedback and critique from portfolio professionals

 Documentation Processing & Retouching:.

 Documentation/ Processing Book:

Complete documentation and retouching for finest quality portfolio

Portfolio is a form of complete documentation of all your works. Document/Processing Book course will teach students how to document and edit their images and will help students create a professional level portfolio.

  • Master process of photo and video documentation
  • Professional photo editing/retouching process
  • Complete CD Production

Professional Art Critique & Feedback:


 Complete documentation and retouching for finest quality portfolio:

  • Selecting artworks for portfolio; Portfolio review sessions
  • Professional critique, feedback, consultations resulting & Analysis for customizing further steps in course

 Hometest Preparation:

Home Test is a unique feature in art college administration process. Students who are applying art colleges in U.S. will be required to complete a different home test from each school. MACS will help students prepare for all the different types of home tests to ensure the admission and scholarship qualifications.


 Preparation for all-type of home tests to ensure admission & Scholarship:

  • Unique feature in art college administration process.
  • Most art colleges in U.S. require their own hometest qualification.