Getting Started

Before starting filing:

  • This is only simple preview of DS-160 form.
  • Prepare your passport, I-20, acceptance letter, contact information, and digital copy of your photo.
  • Fill information as it is spelled in your documents.
  • Do not leave any box blank; check “does not apply” box if you don’t have information.

 Personal Information 1

Take note of your application ID and answer to security question.

 Personal Information 2

Address and Phone Information

 Passport Information

 Travel Information

 Travel Companions Information

 Previous U.S. Travel Information

 U.S. Point of Contact Information

 Family Information: Relatives

 Present Work/Education/Training Information

 Previous Work/Education/Training Information

 Security and Background: Part 1

 Security and Background: Part 2

 Security and Background: Part 3

 Security and Background: Part 4

 Security and Background: Part 5

 Additional Point of Contact Information

 SEVIS Information