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For Artists:

 For those that seek gallery space in New York City to open their own show/ exhibition, MACS offers both gallery space and supplementary assistance based on the individual’s interests and needs. By simply registering for a MACS membership (on top right corner of the website) and then submitting your artworks and resume to MACS, you will become eligible.

MACS Provides:

  • Private Consultation
  • Gallery Space
  • Show Opening
  • Opening Documentation
  • Show Assistance
  • Artwork Sale Assistance
  • Artist Introduction/Brochure
  • Artist Postcards/Poster
  • Networking
  • Local club and groups
  • Feedback


  1. Submit your artworks
  2.  Review/Qualification Process
  3.  Artist Selection
  4.  Consultation/Meeting
  5.  Show Planning
  6.  Show Preparation
  7.  Advertisement/Marketing
  8.  Networking (local group & clubs)
  9.  Show Installation
  10.  Graphics (poster, brochure, etc)
  11.  Show opening
  12.  Photo documentation
  13.  Show feedback

Submit your artworks at:

For Galleries:

 Are you looking for talented artists for your gallery?  MACS is looking for potential gallery spaces for our young artists who seek for a show opportunity – individual or group exhibition. MACS can help to find artists for your gallery in the next 6 – 12 months time frame.


Exhibition Types:

  • Fine Arts
  • Interior Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Fashion
  • Architect
  • Multi-Media
  • Marketing
  • Graphics Design
  • Theater Lighting Design
  • and any other Art related fields

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 646-383-8663
or email